How to Rank Up in Battlefield 4

If you have never played a Battlefield game you may be a bit overwhelmed hopping into online matches on Battlefield 4. Luckily I’m willing to pass some wisdom down to the less knowledgeable. Just kidding. I got sucked into the Battlefield franchise when Bad Company 2 released and haven’t looked back since. To be fair, I sucked at it, but it was pure fun to play and that’s what matters. Then with Battlefield 3 I started to care about my K/D and what rank I am. Now with Battlefield 4 I am officially obsessed with the franchise. I consider myself a pretty good player, above average. Even though I play very competitively, I still have loads of fun. So let’s jump in to the topic. How do you rank up fast in Battlefield 4.

1. Lets start off with the most obvious. Kill enemy players and destroy vehicles are the most common ways of earning experience points. There is really no way to go more in depth on this first option, so on to the next!

2. Play your class. There are four different classes that are available. Assault, engineer, support, and recon. Each class has its own set of weapons and gadgets you can pick from.

Assault – The best way to use the assault class is to use med kits and the defibrillator. Many teammate players will die around you and that’s how you get easy experience, just by reviving them with the defibrillator. When your in close corridors pinned down in a fire fight with a half dozen teammates and everyone is taking damage, throw down a med kit. You don’t get that much experience, but it adds up quickly.

Engineer – Always equip an RPG or anti-vehicle missile as one of you gadgets. Every map besides one or two has vehicles. The only way to destroy them is with a missile of some sort. They are always handy to have and will save your but more than not. The second thing to equip is the repair tool. When you in a damaged vehicle or taking cover behind a teammates vehicle you can pull that sucker out and start repairing the damage. It’s an easy way to get experience that shouldn’t be passed up.

Support – With this class, I usually equip C4 with an ammo box. C4 is the most effective way of taking out an enemy vehicle, but you have to get very close to it do so. But when you do get the C4 on the vehicle and get back to a safe distance, it’s so satisfying to watch it explode. The ammo box replenishes ammo for teammates. It acts just like the med kits, you can just throw it down and watch the experience add up.

Recon – This is my least played class, I just couldn’t care less about using a sniper rifle. It’s not my style and never will be. Although on Paracel Storm I always use one, it’s the best map for sniping in my opinion. With this class I also use C4, which comes in handy. The other thing that will earn you lots of points is the radio beacon. It allows teammates to spawn on it and will also rack up the experience.

3. Play the objective. If your one of those people who only play team death match I pity you. One, because your missing out on what Battlefield is. Two, because it will take forever to get to the max rank. I play the game mode rush 60% of the time and I’m good at it. I love how it plays and I’ve built a strategy around each map. I always charge and defuse at least two m-coms in one match. Sometimes I do way more than that. This is where you get your experience points from. In a mode like conquest, you can easily get 10,000 experience points by getting kills, playing your class and the objective. Conquest takes a long time for once match, that’s why I play rush more.

4. Find a weapon/class and go with it. Playing with a certain class and gun for a long period of time is very rewarding. You will get ribbons and medals for completing certain things. You don’t necessarily even have to try, you can just play and earn. After you have unlocked everything there is to unlock in that class, you start to earn service stars. A service star is kind of like a rank for that class. For example I have six service stars for the assault class. Once you get up there, it takes a lot of experience to earn another.

5. Last but not least, use your XP boost. You earn battle packs by doing anything in a game. You will most of the time earn XP boost inside them. Sometimes you will get up to three in a battle pack. There are four different types of XP boosts. The most common is 25%. Then you have the 50% one, that you will see quit a bit. Then you will earn a 100% XP boost once you get to certain milestones. A 100% XP boost acts like a double XP weekend. Then when you reach huge milestones you will earn a 200% XP boost. Each XP boost lasts 1 hour of game time. So when your in a menu or not playing it doesn’t tick time off. Also, when you wait to spawn, it does not tick time off.

Battlefield 4 offers 100 ranks right of the bat. If you buy the expansion pack China Rising, the level cap is raised to 110 ranks. When you hit level 55-60 it becomes a grind to rank, needing 110,000 experience points to rank up. This is when you want to start using your XP boost wile playing the game mode conquest. Once I was using a 200% XP boost while playing conquest and managed to rack up 87,000 XP in one match.

I have played 140 hours of Battlefield 4 and I am just rank 73. I said I’m good not great! I play on the fantastic PlayStation 4 and if you want to add me, my gamer tag is Duk3Dakiller66. I would be more than happy to battle with you. I hope this guide will help you rank up faster, if not I’m sorry. Hopefully you can find your own way of ranking up fast. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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