Average Salary of Accounting Degree

Most of the individuals who are considering what courses to pursue will certainly determine the range of salaries that the program may bring them. The same goes to the accounting degree salary as students who are taking up the accounting program will want a satisfactory salary in the future, at least enough to counterbalance the funds that they spend on the college education. Beside, everyone would want a bright future with what they are doing and the amount of wages that may possibly receive will be the yardstick used by the society to categorize if one is successful or not.

The United States Labor Bureau Department has made accounting salary survey, providing a clear statistics on the salary options for accounting jobs. They have broken down the wages into the entry-level, educational qualification as well as specializations. The survey generally reveals that the amount of mounting working experience will be the major indicator of your salary. Besides, your personal qualification will also be an imperative key considered by employers.

For example, in the accounting salary survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, accountsants with the bachelor's degree can earn up to an annual average salary of US $ 46,718 in the entry-level. Master's degree can have salary slightly higher; marking an average of US $ 49,277 a year but this figure is applicable only during the initial working period. When the number of years you serve increases, you salary will receivefully take its chase alongside. This is seen in the accounting field, especially for those working in direction and management positions where experience represents value.

There is also another survey conducted by a staffing services firm specializing in finance, internal auditors and general accountants, the Robert Half International. It affects that the accounting degree salary of entry-level accountants with one year or less of experience ranges between US $ 31,500 to US $ 48,250 per year. Those with more than a year of experience can earn up to US $ 60,000 with equivalent qualification. Individuals who have served more than five years in the industry, being labeled as senior accountants or auditors can receive wages between US $ 43,250 and US $ 79,250 annually.

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