A Criminal Justice Degree Online – Would You Dare To Take The Step?

Have you ever considered taking a criminal justice degree online? Let's do

A Little Thought Experiment

It's Monday night, and it has been a hard day at work. You left the cube farm and thought the freeway monsters to get home as fast as possible and you're beat. You grab a bag of potato chips and a Coke, and sit down to watch CSI. You love this series, especially the Miami show. Some version of CSI is always on some channel every night during the week, and you rarely miss it. Sometimes you dream about being a CSI Investigator yourself, but it's simply not possible.

Unlike most of us, it's not the blood-and-guts that make CSI fascinating to you. It's the forensic science the criminal investigators are applying. You've sure rather be solving forensic puzzles than balancing profit-loss statements at your old office or wherever you work, but it's not possible, it's only a dream. You would ever think that you could become a forensic detective?

Why the heck not? Why could not you be a CSI investigator? Yes, you probably would need to get a certain degree, probably in criminal justice or something like that. However, It's not impossible. You can get a criminal justice degree on the internet these days. If you think about it, getting a criminal justice degree from the net would remove most of the barriers to accomplishing that dream of yours.

When A Dream Comes True

But you as the rest of us have bills to pay, you say, and you can not just quit your job and go to school. That's all right. Nobody will stop you from continuing to scoop poop in the cube farm while you get your criminal justice degree online. You just take the classes when you're available. You may have to miss an occasionalional CSI episode or two to fit it in, but you've been studying the real thing.

But there are years since you have been to school, and you're scared you will not succeed and your cube buddies would laugh at you. Please let me encourage you a bit here. Online education is made for adults. Many students will claim that it's more learner friendly that ordinary classroom education. New teaching technology combined with the internet makes it accessible and interesting and nobody has to know what you're doing until you are ready to tell them. You learn in the comfort of your own home. As far as I can see, it's the perfect solution.

It is possible indeed. You can make your dream come true. You could get your criminal justice degree online and become a CSI Detective. Or you can keep watching TV and making excuses, and four years from now you'll still be working in the cube farm. It's entirely up to you. You can do it if you really want to. Therefore, I think you should go for it. Yes, go for it!

Source by Nic Haffner

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