12 Month Nursing Degree – Yes It Is Possible

"Time is something that God has given us that can not be bought by money or exchanged of anything. Time is very important for all of us and with this in mind instant food, fast food, microwaves and anything that makes life easier and makes our work faster were created so we can have more time to enjoy what God has given us as well as be able to worship and praise Him. This does not exclude education. Would you believe that there is a way for someone to finish his degree in nursing in just a matter of 12 months? Yes, it may sound a bit impossible but with accelerated nursing degrees it is now possible to get a degree in nursing in just a matter of 1 year. Non nursing college graduates or those who have finished 4 years course (any course) is qualified to take up the accelerated nursing degree online. Many universities and colleges are offering to the public 12-month accelerated nursing degree programs and this is such a great advantage to anyone who wants to be a nurse and does not want to waste time being confined in the classroom for a number of years.

Accelerated nursing programs is for those who have always wanted to be a nurse to serve other people in their community but do not have the time to be enrolled in a traditional college and be hooked in the university for a number of years. There is a rise in need of competent nurses in our country these days and this is one reason why people should consider their options in career change. Many people have come to realized that serving their fellowmen is one calling that needs to be addressed.

We have been outsourcing nurseries from all across the globe because there are few to none people who are more than willing to be a nurse. You see, being a nurse is like a calling. It is more than just a career but it is a vocation. It is also about serving other people. If you want to be financially prepared when starting a family, consider being a nurse since the salary rate of this kind of profession is relatively high compared to other jobs. For those who have families who want to provide good education to their kids, why not consider a career change? Talk to your spouse about the great possibilities of being a nurse. Many single parents who are working as nurses have raised their kids well simply because they were able to provide good education, healthy food and be able to give them what they need.

Source by Jane M Andrews

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